A single-family house in white with colored brushstrokes

A single-family house in white with colored brushstrokes

The first time the Swiss interior designer and designer Annick Petersen and her husband visited what is now her home, they didn't like anything. Remember that it was a gray day, and that it was a commercial from a real estate agency who showed it to you, because the owners were not there; They seemed depressing. However, they returned three months later, the sun was shining and the former owners enthusiastically discovered each of their corners. They immediately decided to buy it. His garden was perfect, because of the light it provided for the house, and also for his young children. In addition, after modifying the distribution on the ground floor, the house fully adjusts to your needs.

They widened the hall and the beginning of the stairs, removed the partition that separated the living area and the dining room, and turned that room into a room with two rooms. The objective was to secure more spaces wide, diaphanous, so that natural light would flood everything, and banish forever the feeling of sadness that invaded them the first day. They also expanded the kitchen, at the expense of the garden, and designed a sloping, mobile cover with glazed doors to locate a family dining room, with abundant light and direct access to the outside. As for the decoration, white is for Annick synonymous with freshness and style; That is why he is dominant in his house, although in combination with color details. In its pure version it shines on walls, curtains, lamps, furniture ... accompanied by subtle strokes of red, orange, strawberry or plum, navy blue, gray, even black.

The rooms have a special charm, they are familiar and, at the same time, sophisticated. The furniture, modern, is a mixture of the prototypes of the designs that Annick sells in his studio, Alp, and pieces with sentimental value for the family; like the transparent Bubble armchair, a gift from her husband, which seems to levitate by the gazebo; a classic armchair inherited and reupholstered in blue; or the sideboard of his grandparents, in walnut, updated in white, which separates the kitchen and dining room. Noted for its elegance, Murano spiders -acquired on a trip to Venice- and that decorate the living room, the bedrooms and even the bathroom.

Advertising - Keep reading below Fusion of styles in the lounge

In this living area a classic armchair and a current sofa are combined; two round tables and carpet with a grid bookcase, sculptural lamps ... all make up a dynamic, elegant environment with maximum visual interest. Charles sofa, from B&B Italia. Cushions, tables and carpet, from Alp. Arco floor lamp, by Flos. On the wall of the sofa, mural Algue, by Vitra.

Chic environments

The white decoration, with red and black brush strokes, and glamorous designs such as the Murano glass chandelier or the transparent bubble armchair, make the living room a more exclusive environment. Next to the window, Habitat sofa, white table and floor lamp, from the Alp studio and Bubble floating armchair, designed by Eero Aarnio and edited by Adelta. Carpet by Ikea.

A dining room in white and gray

In the dining room, the design chairs, chrome, are combined with a wooden bench, purchased at a street market, thanks to the white color, which acts as a link between everyone. To emphasize, the chromatic harmony between the chandelier and the gray carpentry of doors and cover. Catifa chairs, from Arper, in Naharro Showroom. Lamp, similar, on request, in Dresslight.

Cooking style lesson

An inherited antique furniture is, for its elegance, a focal point in this space, which share a kitchen and dining room. It is also a strategic piece in the distribution and offers large storage capacity for dishes and utensils. Kitchen with doors Abstrakt, from Ikea. The sixties candelabra can be found in vintage stores, such as Reno, Cucareliquia or La Carreta.

The cooking zone, in the window

The cooking area was located in front of the window, to enjoy the views of the garden, while cooking. The utensils are easily within reach of the chef, hanging from a bar and on this one, a collection of mini blue bottles puts the color note. Sink and appliances were installed on the left, on the longest wall. Bell Menhir, for island, of Elica.

Charming corners in the kitchen

The owner loves to create charming corners. The porcelain pieces, placed in style, show off and decorate the kitchen on a piece of furniture with shelves and spiers. Convex mirror, with golden molding, handmade, on request, in Analcai

Personal details decorate the hall

In the staircase distributor, family photos give this passage area a plus of warmth.

Work and study area

The computer, the sewing machine and two bookshelves with books, clippings ... In the study of the owner, interior designer and designer, everything revolves around a work table, made with two smooth doors supported on drawers. Due to its large dimensions, it is ideal for drawings, sketches and testing materials. Chest of drawers Alex and Jules chair, from Ikea. Stools, by Habitat.

Decorating order

In a low, symmetrical and wall-to-wall bookstore, the owner has organized everything she needs to work in boxes and filing cabinets. The mirror with golden molding, the pieces of glass and the carpet make this corner more sophisticated and feminine. Handmade frame, to order, in any measure, in Analcai.

Children's bedroom with vintage style

With an elegant floral paper a romantic atmosphere was created in the children's bedroom, ideal for the steel bed with bars and canopy, and the classic bedside table. Meldal model bed, PS Svinga hanging armchair and carpets, from Ikea. Similar role, from the firm Laura Ashley. Similar chandelier in Tigermoth Lighting.

Charming bedroom

The white decoration is contrasted with two black tables, with filing drawers, and classic two-arm sconces in old gold, that same shade was chosen for the quilt. Chests of drawers, similar, in House Doctor. Gold sconces with glass beads, can be found similar in the Olofane syrup. Golden quilt, from Habitat. On the headboard wall, fringe curtain, from the firm Fisura.

Blank bathroom

The washbasin front is decorated and protected from splashes with a glass plate, custom made. The rest of the elements: mirror, lighting, bimando faucets, sinks ... recreate the retro aesthetic. Similar mirror, in Maisons du Monde. Retro, similar, wall lights by Pomax.

Order in the bathroom

For the bathroom a piece of furniture was made with shelves and curtains, where all the toiletries are organized.