How to set up a low cost design studio

How to set up a low cost design studio

The good thing about this room is that it serves a double function. It is a work studio and is a guest room, in case someone has to sleep at home occasionally. Its decoration follows the same aesthetic line as the rest of the house.

Sofa with chaise longue, from Ikea. Cushions and lamps, for sale in Maisons du Monde. Mesa, on the way home.

Thus we find the distribution: a light glass table, which is located in front of an entire closet front, perfect for organizing. In a corner of the studio, a living area with a sofa and a table. The TV is not missing. Good to relax in a work time, good to use as a more cozy relaxation area.

This studio has a lot of light thanks to the windows with which it has (all the walls of the room except one have windows). This is the reason why this environment is a work and living area. In addition, it is perfect to use as a guest room. And all with a lot of style, current air, a chromatic combination of topicality (gray, white and mustard yellow) and best of all: furniture low cost. Watch this video and discover all the corners and deco tricks applied.

The whole house can be seen here: Single-family house with large spaces.

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