A house in the middle of nature

A house in the middle of nature

The views and the natural environment of this house are a luxury. So the interior had to do justice. The decorator Mara Matey, from the interior design studio Mateycia, He knew how to harmonize originality, casual spirit and color in the environments when he undertook this particular project. He faced the task of dividing a family chalet from the 70s, located in Cercedilla, in several apartments, as many as plants have the construction, without giving them the vintage flavor, although with a fun current touch. This apartment, located on an elevated level of the house, has two bedrooms, a bathroom and an open space with kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as a terrace facing the valley.

To share the day zone, the partition walls of the distributor of the old central staircase, That connected all the floors. By making the levels independent, Mara maintained the steps as a decorative resource, turning them into a work island, seating area, bookstore or, simply, a dividing element between the kitchen and the living room. The purpose is that memories, familiar elements, handicrafts and recovered objects coexist in harmony. The rest of the charm is put by the color, which dazzles in this project and brings that touch naive so suggestive: delicate, naive, fun and with a certain magical component, which makes anyone feel attracted to the result. With all the resources used by the decorator Mara Matey - mainly the skillful handling of color and light - a unique and very vivid project was achieved. Entering this house is getting lost in a story and get carried away by an interior design that is lovely.

This individual apartment is available to rent on weekends or seasonally. Is about Bird House, one of the floors of the project The Oh! Telito It is a family house renovated and divided into several homes that share the outdoor areas: pool, garden and barbecue. Visit www.elohtelito.webs.com

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room and dining room, divine living together

The architect of the interiosimo, the decorator Mara Matey, from the Mateycia studio, had an ally to create this original composition: the natural light that the room receives. The views, of exception.

In this environment, furniture and inheritance details are mixed with others from traces or syringes. Carpet and basket, from Berberia.

The living room, a large meeting space

Brushstrokes of turquoise, strawberry, mustard and green coexist in harmony in the living area, organized around a coffee table and with several seats.

Armchairs from the Susy-John collection, pieces recovered by Mara Matey. Patterned cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. On the pouf, restored by Mara, blanket, from Zara Home. On the table, little boxes, from Berberia.

Terrace furniture

Breakfast on the terrace is a pleasure and with views it becomes a luxury. You only need a bedside table and a couple of chairs to feel connected to the outside. Table and chairs, similar for sale in Ikea.

Color in the pool

The decorator Mara Matey has created a cheerful composition by the pool, with metal furniture, which withstands the weather well and uneven origin: film shoots, rakes or containers.

Carpet by Tiger. Folding coffee table and chairs, similar in Nordal.

A magical dining room

Family and friends gather around a well-dressed table in the shade of the trees. This house, surrounded by nature, invites you to go out on sunny days. Here, straight benches share the stage with colored chairs.

Reuse, a wink of imagination

And it is that deco objects also deserve second chances. Mara Matey has turned old metal food cans into very folk vases.


To the left of the photo, you can see the fireplace, only decorative in summer, to perform fully during the coldest months of the year.

One tone above

The apparent chromatic disorder hides rationality: colors are repeated in disparate elements. Yellow travels from the bedroom floor to the letters on the shelves and to the wall lamp. The same goes for blue, green and red in other environments.

Receiver and distributor

From the hall you can access a central space where the partitions were demolished to force continuity between the kitchen, the living room and a bedroom, delimited by a wooden and glass enclosure, made with recovered doors and windows.

A cheerful hall

This apartment welcomes its guests, displaying their spirit. The mixture and that subtle air of children, present throughout the house, agree in the hall their coexistence. Ragdolls and recovered or traditionally designed pieces are the original cover letter. Welcome!

Coat rack, family inheritance. Carpet and bag, from Berberia.

A great atmosphere welcomes three spaces

The color enhances the magic of an ultra-cool decoration and achieves balance in basic pieces and light lines. The visual connection was one of the premises of the reform. Thus, partition walls and kitchen, dining room and living together were eliminated.

Mesa by Ikea. The chairs are of different origin. On the table, cloth, by Gastón and Daniela.

Yes to the variety!

Styles, lines and colors share presence in every corner of this house. Nothing takes center stage, rather the mix adds appeal. This image of the dining room is a good example: personal, different ... It is unique!

New spaces

With this solution, the house gains a living or play area, integrated through the window, or a separate bedroom and
intimate just by throwing the curtains.

Sofa The Wall Flower, from the collection Susy-John, from Mara Matey.

New uses for the ladder

Although the elements vary in function or use, grant them a new value and turn them into an architectural reference. Here, the old staircase
It is now a multifunction element.

An original kitchen

A reclaimed office furniture takes center stage in the kitchen, giving it an air of exclusivity. It is painted in green and decorated with motifs made by the children of the house. The contrast with the violet tile front is an excellent example of how to combine finishes and materials in perfect harmony.

Cladding, Peña Tiles. Carpet, from Berberia.

Vintage details in the kitchen

Old? Nothing is further from the imagination! Vintage or retro. Those accessories that decorated our grandmothers' houses are now a trend. And some even work.

Step to the bedroom

The main bedroom, which has a cot in front of the bed, is accessed from the living area, through a sliding panel hidden in the wall. This shot shows how its intense red color appears in contrast to the tone of the bedroom floor.

Color in the bedroom

Joy and stillness are not exclusive. They are complemented in this environment with a decoration based on pieces recovered and updated with color and accessories. The soil, in yellow egg yolk, revitalizes the whole.

The soil painting is ecological, from Ecopinttors. Ceiling lamp, from El Rastro in Madrid and customized with ties, ribbons, costume jewelery ... The headboard wall has been painted with stamping rollers. Plain cushions, by Gastón and Daniela. Carpet, from Berberia.

An ideal bathroom

The bathroom was located in what was the old staircase that led down to the lower floor. A sliding door makes it independent. Its soft tones and the style of its pieces give a very feminine retro air.

Chair, acquired in a rake of Los Molinos. Wall cladding, for sale in Azulejos Peña.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- The conception of the interior architecture, practically without partitions, invites you to share the day areas. The existing divisions, through sliding doors or the glass front of one of the rooms, favor
Fluency and communication.

- The marked style of the furniture is the link between the environments: inherited pieces, objects acquired in batches, furniture rescued from filming ... A fresh, original and warm mix, hallmark.

- The goal was for the house to feel familiar, to evoke childhood memories, of those stays in a home surrounded by relatives
and without worries. Hence that abuse of color to endow it with joy and vitalism.