A cozy and functional apartment in the city of light

A cozy and functional apartment in the city of light

The couple that owns this 52 square meter apartment They relied on the French architect and interior designer Camille Hermand to turn their house into an urban refuge in which to enjoy the city of Paris with their two children on weekends. With a central location, I wanted to give a special air to the decoration, between Parisian and retro, and create a comfortable and functional distribution. With only two bedrooms, it was essential to make the space for the four family members profitable.

The architect distributed the meters and conceived a large living area with lounge and dining room and clear areas to meet and that children could play. The kitchen was integrated thanks to the industrial type glass enclosure.

The result is a charming house, with a contemporary touch, decorated with essential pieces and a color palette in neutrals and brushstrokes in blue.

Photographs by Jennifer Sat

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Camille Hermand Architectures is the studio responsible for the reform of this two-bedroom apartment, a spacious day area, an independent but integrated kitchen through glass partitions and two bathrooms.

The living room

The day and central area of ​​the house is conceived as a meeting space and has been kept clear. It has a sofa and a couple of side tables, a dining table, a front with cupboards, fireplace and TV stand and an armchair. The room has two doors that connect to the bedrooms.

Neutral tones and simplicity

The neutrality of the pieces and simplicity in the decoration emphasize the practical and functional aspect of the apartment. On the range of stone gray and neutral, some brushstrokes in blue. The lamps have a prominent place in all interior design, without sophistication but with great aesthetic value.

Details that decorate

Throughout the perimeter of the floor of the room the wall has been decorated with a baseboard with moldings, integrated in the front with the color: an elegant and current medium gray. The kitchen opens and enjoys the natural light of the living room through workshop windows.

A large window in the living room

The living room window floods it with natural light. In front, an armchair.

A contemporary vision

With Parisian and retro airs at the same time, the house has a contemporary style. This image is proof of that.

Front seized

In front of the sofa a module has been created for the TV (which respects the radiator hole below), next to the fireplace. Next to the wall, a closet, near the access door, perfect for storing coats.

From the kitchen

There is the view of the living room from the kitchen.

With fireplace, how French!

An armchair completes the seats, next to the fireplace, a mouthpiece very marked in black marble. Above, a mirror of golden molding.

In full detail

From the corner of the dining room you can see the luminosity that the room has. Between the window and the fireplace, the door that leads to the youth bedroom.

Integrated dining room

In this shot you can see the location of the dining corner, integrated into the living room but close to the kitchen. The center of the room is clear.

Door to the master bedroom

On the other side of the window, the door that communicates with the master bedroom.

A striking lamp

The interior designer Camille Hermand sought simplicity but reserved a point of attention for the lamps throughout the house. On the living room, a ceiling design with a white screen and a gold interior.

Lamp Lanterna, by Sam Baron, for sale at

The dinner room

The dining room is delimited by a bridge-like warehouse structure with blue cabinets and shelves. The color and furniture delimit the area.

It also houses a bank. The table is completed with chairs. Table Oqui, from La Redoute.

Geometric wallpaper

Wallpaper is another defining element of this corner in the living room. Geometric patterns put a Nordic design note. Its light blue and gray, in combination with the blue of the furniture, put color in the environment.

Twin lamps on the table

The lighting here again is maintained, with two twin ceiling lamps, in the same line as the living room lamp. They are the small model Lanterna, by Sam Baron, for sale at

Shelving Detail

The blue furniture in the dining room has shelves, perfect for organizing utensils.

From the kitchen

The dining room is located near the kitchen.

View from the kitchen dining room

View from the kitchen dining room.

The kitchen

The access door to the kitchen is glass. This has gained a sense of spaciousness in a small space.

In front of the kitchen, a door that communicates with the bathroom.

U-shaped furniture

The kitchen floor is square and has been used with furniture on all fronts. With a U-shaped distribution, the Semg frigo in blue divides the zones: the wash is on one side and the cooking on the other.

An elongated window

The kitchen has an elongated window in one of the walls, which helps to ventilate and that the space also receives some natural light.

Retro chic style kitchen

The appearance of the kitchen is retro chic because of the elements used to decorate it.

On the floor hydraulic cement tiles in blue gray and yellow. The retro design of the fridge is perfect. It is from Mosaïc del Sur.

Perfect color scheme

On the gray, blue and yellow floor. In the kitchen decoration: furniture in gray, fridge in pastel blue and lamp in yellow.

The washing area with the sink is in front of the window. The area is illuminated with two yellow ceiling lamps that fall on the low module. They are the model Mhy from Muuto

The furniture is from Ikea.

Cooking zone

The cooking area has tall furniture only on one front. The white plate is camouflaged on the countertop, the same color. In addition, its location was decided to take advantage of the proximity of the window.

Open shelves

The irregularity of the wall was exploited with open shelves.

Another view of the kitchen

Another view of the kitchen.

With oven

Under the hob, the oven. The countertop is clear, only some kitchen accessories and accessories such as toaster or pallets.

The bathroom

Detail of the sink, retro style with mirror in the same line. It is located in front of the access door to the kitchen.

Sink AG, from Alape.

And we go to the master bedroom ...

And we go to the master bedroom ...

The main room

A bed, closets, headboard and little else. Simplicity means that space is not recharged. Work solutions are protagonists.

In blue

The master bedroom is decorated in blues. On the bed, with white textiles, a crochet quilt in blue and cushions in the same shades.

With integrated bathroom

The master bedroom has an integrated bathroom with only a sink and shower. From the bathroom, delimited by a workshop glass (like the kitchen), this is the view of the bed.


On the bed a white ceiling lamp, model Spinning, from BH2 Light. On the front on which the bed rests, two wall sconces Anglepoise, for sale in Fleux.


Integrated in the bedroom but delimited by a glass enclosure. This bathroom only has a shower and washbasin front. The toilet is in the main bathroom.

Work shelving

Next to the bathroom door, in an irregular recess of the wall, the interior designer designed a shelf with declining shelves, painted in the same grayish tone of the wall.

Headboard front in blue

The front of the headboard was painted in blue and the cabinets on each side of the bed as well.

Wardrobes on the sides of the bed

On each side of the bed, a closet.

Headboard ... to dream

On the headboard, the word Dream. Evocative.

Low fund

In order not to reduce space, the construction headboard has very little depth, what is necessary to integrate switches.

Bedroom detail

Work cabinets next to the partition that delimits the rest area of ​​the bathroom bedroom. The radiator has been kept in black.

Towel rack on the wall

Towel rail radiator on the wall.

A large washbasin front

To settle comfortably, the couple has a large washbasin front in the bathroom, with low storage furniture and a large mirror in the front.

Apply in the mirror Mashiko, from Astro Lighting.

Basin Detail

All blank, with wall taps, tiles Meter and accessories in blue.

Sink Aqua, from Bette. Taps, by Hansgrohe.

Retro floor

In the bathroom also a hydraulic floor covering in the same colors in tone to which the interior design turns: gray, blue and yellow.

White Metro type tiles

In the bathroom, the shower area and the sink front have been covered with tiles type Meter in white.

The glass enclosure ...

A success for the feeling of spaciousness is greater since the bathroom is not very spacious. With this solution, even if the bedroom is somewhat smaller, functionality is gained when carrying out daily hygiene tasks.

Shower area

The shower area is delimited by a hinged glass door.

Detail of the shower faucet

Detail of the shower faucet, by Hansgrohe.

The youth bedroom

The youth bedroom gains a feeling of spaciousness thanks to the chosen furniture: a bed with a removable bed, a light bedside table, a study area and custom furniture.


The sense of order thanks to the symmetry is undeniable. In the lower area, also a plinth with moldings in gray tone. On the wall, three framed sheets on the bed.

The same colors

In the headboard, a wall light (Spinning, on sale at The white quilt with openwork motifs reveal the blue of the sheets.

Auxiliary messenger as bedside table

Auxiliary messenger as bedside table.

With study area

In line with the bed, the study area.

Study area with natural light

The desk enjoys natural light, hence its location.

Design Study Corner

White desk with storage under the envelope and wooden legs, white chair and a designer table lamp.

The desk is from La Redoute.

With customized solutions

In the youth bedroom the fireplace has been maintained, although here with a white mouthpiece. On the floor you can see the piece of marble. On both sides, tailored solutions: a bookcase in blue and the closet in white.

Simple lines for furniture

The simplicity of custom furniture, straight lines and without ornaments, contrasts with the presence of moldings throughout the house.

Integrated moldings

The moldings are present throughout the house in integrated. They live with current elements without stridency. The colors integrate them both in the walls and in the ceiling.

Lamps with decoration weight

Throughout the house, in each room, the lamps stand out. Here you have in detail the models that you have seen in this gallery.

Two yellow ceiling lamps over the kitchen sink. They are the model Mhy from Muuto

In the dining room

Two blank ceiling lamps on the dining table. They are the mini version of the one that hangs in the living room.

Lanterna mini suspended lamps, by Sam Baron, for sale at

In the master bedroom

A white suspended lamp. Is the model Spinning, from BH2 Light.

Two wall sconces on the headboard

On the wall of the headboard of the master bedroom two sconces.

Is the model Anglepoise, for sale in the store on line

Wall light

In the youth bedroom, on the headboard, a wall sconce. Is the model Anglepoise, for sale in the store on line