10 storage ideas for the laundry area

10 storage ideas for the laundry area

We know: washing, drying and folding clothes is one of the most boring tasks in the house. But with these storage ideas, you will see how the process is streamlined and the work becomes easier.

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With this closet you can store everything you need to iron, and at the same time, keep it out of sight. Functional and aesthetic!

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Folding clothesline

When you can't hang your clothes outside or you don't have the dryer available, use this clothesline. Being small and foldable, you can place it anywhere: bathroom, balcony, closet ...

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A narrow cart with wheels

Unless you have designed the structure of your house, it is likely that the space between the washer, dryer, cabinets and the wall is not accurate. Use a narrow cart and take advantage of those corners!

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Detergent dispenser

The drips of the detergent are annoying and difficult to avoid, but with this dispenser you will have it easier.

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An organizer for the ironing board

In addition to being very useful to save space, you can also store it in a closet.

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Removable basket

Instead of leaving the laundry basket anywhere, use this drawer and you will have it on hand only when you need it. In addition, you will avoid bad smells.

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A laundry cart

The solution to transport folded clothes without the risk of falls is this functional cart.

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Hanger Organizer

Sometimes finding an available hanger is an impossible task. But with this organizer, you will always have them on hand!

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Use a backpack for dirty clothes

Your children (either at home or at university) will find this backpack very useful. Hang it over the door and take dirty clothes to the washing machine will be easier.

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A drawer to store the ironing board

True, an ironing board is not pretty, and this drawer is perfect for hiding.

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