Christmas trends

Christmas trends

What trend do you prefer to decorate your Christmas? Whether you imagine it in the traditional colors of these dates (red, green and white) or the most Nordic in white and wood or even in the most casual and fun version, tailored to small pixies of size or spirit, you all have them in this year's trends, in El Corte Inglés. We review:

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT The most traditional but full of news at the same time. The color red predominates, the tartan (checkered and striped fabric) is the print most used and the sackcloth heats each ornament. Pineapples also sneak into this trend. The touch of glamor They put the hanging ornaments, made with the traditional technique of blown glass.

NORDIC ESSENCE If yours are simple lines, you have a decoration based on simplicity (seen as a plus that adds up). White and gray are its colors, but red sparkles also slip. The wood in its most rustic version combines with zinc, linen and felt. Natural and warm

CHRISTMAS TREASURES Elegance in its purest form. The golden reflections put the sophistication, but share prominence with glitters, metals, engravings and trimmings.

REFLECTIONS OF LIGHT Everything shines this Christmas! The crystals reflect the surrounding sparkles. The ornaments acquire glazed and glossy finishes. But metallic glitters and shades are mixed with natural jute twine.

MAGIC FOREST Can you imagine a snowy landscape with flakes falling on the other side of the window? Then bet on the snowy finish on the ornaments of this Christmas. White branches, pure woods and blue tones, slightly heated by copper, plush and finish ornaments denim How current!

POM POM CHRISTMAS Burst of color for vivacious spirits. It is a Christmas addressed to the smallest of the house (or for you if you feel Peter Pan). The ornaments are handmade, made in crochet, the pom poms are mixed with cloth and paper to shape small and magical characters. A fantasy game that the whole family will enjoy at home.

Now you can choose a trend or mix in your home the ornaments of several of them. It will be your Christmas, always magical, always personal!