Scary Recipes for Halloween

Scary Recipes for Halloween

Why not organize a dinner or special meal for Halloween? It's about making the evening more fun with the kids at home or with the adults in a meeting to celebrate a scary night. We give you ideas for the main dishes, the snack and the dessert.

We have seen all these terrifying recipes on Pinterest.

Advertising - Keep reading below Sausage Mummies

Fun and delicious for the little ones in the house. These sausage mummies are made in a jiffy with sausages and pizza or puff pastry dough. For the eyes, two pieces of cheese and two smaller ones of black olives. The recipe here.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

A classic dessert reinterpreted for a terrifying day. Look at the recipe here.

We loved the idea of ​​accompanying the mousse with a "death" cookie.

Photo: Luisa Morón & Photography

Mini spider pizzas

These pizzas have spiders as the main ingredient (with olive flavor, of course), some cheese and tomato.

Here is the recipe.

Stuffed eggs with spider

And with the same idea of ​​creating spiders with boneless black olives, you can incorporate such an insect into stuffed eggs.

Here is the recipe.

Minidonuts on broom

How simple! You just have to get some brooms (you can make them yourself) and skewer the minidonuts on the stick.

More ideas here.

Witch hats

Do you know what is hidden under this chocolate witch hat? An ice cream cookie cone.

See how these homemade caps are made here.

A very healthy witch broom

Healthy and fun. Bread sticks, carrot or cheese and some leeks cooked to tie the broom.

More ideas here.

A grave of Guinness brownie

A very black grave. But delicious Suitable only for sweet tooth. It is a sponge cake type brownie Made with Guinness beer, like the classic chocolate and beer cake.

Here is the recipe and all the ingredients and proportions you need. Miguel Pastry has cooked it.

Cake pops or spider lollipops

These spiders are sweet and you will control them just by taking them from the stick. See how they are made here.

Witch cupcake

Click here and hands to the dough. After baking your cupcakes you will only have to decorate them with a few witch feet. How? Use a striped straw, cut it into two pieces that will make legs and glue cardboard shoes on the ends.

Spooky cupcakes

María Lunarillos dares with ghosts and keeps them at bay over her cupcakes.

The ghosts are from cloud over a chocolate cake.

Look at the recipe here.

Pumpkin and nut cake with witch feet

This izcocho is delicious at any time of the year but it is a perfect breakfast to face the day after a scary night. You just have to put some witch piers in the center. Make them with rubber and they will serve you for next year (and for the other, and the other ...)

The cake recipe here.

Pumpkin and chocolate cookies

And for that pumpkin is typical of Halloween, this recipe also fits us.

You dare with the cookies? Click here to follow the recipe step by step.