Interior design tips to decorate the living room

Interior design tips to decorate the living room

The colors, finishes, accessories and even the plants define the decorative style of your living room, so it is essential to take care of the accessories.

Total calm in the living area

Everything from La Redoute.

If you are looking to create a quiet space, bet on earth, rosewood and light wood tones, the effect will be very relaxing.

Mix And triumph!

The combination of styles and prints continues to boom for those looking for eclectic and lived environments. The key to success is to focus on the same
color range with more intense discrete touches.

Everything is from Vanessa Arbuthnott.

Here, the retro natural wood sofa coexists beautifully with a modern steel table
and textiles in blue and orange. You dare?

Put vegetable brushstrokes

It is surprising how striking and refreshing the plants and flowers are within
An environment. Here they were placed in vases and baskets.

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Choose your room textiles well

Pay special attention to the windows, dressing them is an important part of the overall decoration. If you have large windows, for example, opt for patterned falls, such as Casadeco. They look great.

Complements with personality

Would you like to add color to your living room but don't you dare with the main furniture? The best solution is to bet on neutral tones in the upholstery and place more daring cushions, such as this beautiful and beautiful Zara Home model. Ideal.

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