Your children will want one of these tipis and you know it

Your children will want one of these tipis and you know it

Each child has different concerns, so their play corner must be very personal. With these tipis, in addition to creating their particular microworld, you can keep them under control and forget about the chaos (and dangers) of toys spread across the floor. Let's go there!


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To infinity and beyond! The ideal teepee for small night explorers. Get ready because you will surely want to sleep inside.

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If you have a small fashionist At home, this teepee will make her fall in love. And no, you don't fool us, we know you too.

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White, pink and blue. Three colors for a dream teepee where you can invent your own fantasy.

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A white teepee is ideal to decorate it to your liking: stuffed animals, figurines ... and everything your imagination allows!

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We know that you just felt the crush and that you are seriously thinking of buying it for yourself. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

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Zig Zag

This pink printed teepee is perfect to fill it with cushions and create a cozy shelter. It even has a window!

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So that your little one will be inspired by the American desert, nothing better than a tipi in warm tones ... and a few cacti (of the lying ones)!

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Panda bear

You will need a lot of bamboo to feed so many panda bears, but the effort will be worth it in order to have such a beautiful tipi in your room!

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One touch vintage and at the same time exotic for a tipi worthy of catalog. It will look like another piece of decoration!

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It won't be heaven, but almost! Although we are sure of something, it is that all her friends will want to go play in her room.

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Black and white

If the colors don't go, this black and white teepee is perfect for creating your own monochrome universe.

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As sweet as feminine, the ideal teepee for the little one in the house! And also, very soft so you are always comfortable.

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For sweet tooth

If your thing is candy, you may get cravings every time you start playing, but it is so beautiful!

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With this tipi, the smartest animal in the forest will become your child's best friend.

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A chic and elegant tipi to play with style. In addition, you can choose the color of the stripes to make it more personal!

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If you were left wanting more, enter here and see how they decorated this children's bedroom in an attic. We assure you that it has no waste ...