Ultraviolet, the color of the year seeks accommodation ... in your home

Ultraviolet, the color of the year seeks accommodation ... in your home

Ready, Set, Go! The Pantone color of the year has just arrived in the deco world with a series of irresistible proposals. So if you had hooked on the powdered pink make room for ultraviolet, because he is willing to win you back and we warn you that he will deploy all his weapons of seduction to get it ... We show you a preview of what awaits you.

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And in ultraviolet color, of course. Two trends united in one piece! If you want to impress your visits, you know ...

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Impact wall

If you are lucky that ultraviolet is your favorite color and you know that you will never get tired of it ... Why not take it to the living room wall? Lovely is a while ...

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Chic dressing table

Would you like to have a dressing table to the last? Well, this ultraviolet table is all you need to get it.

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The prota of the salon

If you want to invest in an ultraviolet piece that brings enough prominence to the living room, choose a sofa!

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Small details

Although if you prefer discretion, opt for a carpet with ultraviolet details.

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Wardrobe with surprise

Outside, classic. Inside, the color of the year! It is not the most original?

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Colorful dining room

To give life to the dining room, nothing better than chairs in ultraviolet color!

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A puff as a coffee table

You can use it as a coffee table or to lay on it, but the color is ultraviolet!

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In the bedroom

Matching wall and bedding, the choice of the most daring (and modern). Combine it with natural materials such as wood, and triumph assured!

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Wall, shelves, table ... All in ultraviolet! Of course, with golden notes to add glamor.

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