A very natural family home in Menorca

A very natural family home in Menorca

White, black and the tone of wood are the common thread that unites all the environments of this Menorca house. Thanks to this neutral base, its owners, Ricardo and María, have been able to make contemporary style cozy and fuse it with Mediterranean aesthetics. The furniture of straight lines becomes warm when combined with other pieces of fiber and cane and with natural finishes, and the colorful strokes of art and accessories break with the chromatic monotony.

The construction, renovated by the couple, is a Mediterranean-style house, with arches, exposed wooden beams and white walls, which has also been updated and has some outdoor spaces as appealing as its interior. The porches, the garden and the hammock area invite us to disconnect and take full advantage of the outdoors. This is life.

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Advertising - Continue reading below Main entrance

This wooden door hides the refuge of Ricardo and María.

First impression

The furniture that receives us at the entrance.

Living room

In neutral and friendly tones.

Color touch

Art brings more vivid tones to the decoration.

Dinning room

Wooden and cane furniture: the keys to get warmth.

Minimalist kitchen

With integrated dining area.

Less is more

White, wood and gray.

All to the white Great capacity

Detail of one of the kitchen cabinets.

Wash zone Exposed beams Relaxation area

View of the entrance to the master bedroom.

Deserved rest

Nothing disturbs sleep in this bedroom.

Natural touch

A wooden log serves as a bedside table.


With stone finishes and dark wood cupboard.

Warm shower

The shower floor is wooden.

Swell the elbows

View of the study area.

Color shelving Kid stuff

The children's room


The space has been used with a custom closet.

Sweet Dreams

Calm colors are also present in this bedroom.

Outside area

The dining room under the porch.

Mediterranean style

Wooden beams in sight, mud floors and arches.

Smooth rolling

Outside, a hammock.