A kitchen with central island

A kitchen with central island

The owners of this apartment, located in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​wanted to reorganize their home so that living room, dining room and kitchen Share space. For them, the Clysa company, in collaboration with Male Rizo Patron, of the MM Interior Design studio, devised this solution: an open, spacious kitchen, integrated in the living room although located at a higher level. A central work island becomes a dining room, between the living room and the kitchen itself. The result is an open and multifunctional space, in which the different zones are defined without betraying the continuity of the whole.

The entire plant receives abundant light from the outside through the large window of the living room. This is enhanced with white furniture and simple lines. The space is personalized in the kitchen with a front lined with a colorful and colorful floral wallpaper.

In addition, this kitchen has a corner for a laundry room, which removes the washing machine from the kitchen and provides more storage space.

Project carried out by Clysa, official distributor of the Santos brand.
Interior design by Male Rizo Patron, from the MM Interior Design Studio.
Photograph, by Kris Moya.

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The snowy white of the furniture brings a lot of wall covered with floral wallpaper. Color and joy to give warmth to the dining area.

Current style

Clysa, in charge of the project, has chosen the model LINE-L White Snow, from the kitchen furniture firm Santos, to give shape to your complete, functional kitchen project, with large storage capacity and a lot of design. The resutlado is modern with smooth fronts and without handle.

On two levels

The kitchen opens to the living room but is limited by the height of the floor. The kitchen and dining room are located on a higher level.

Details that make the difference

Like the copper lamps that fall on the work island and dining table. Or the wall wallpaper. Or the lining of the front of the opening in the front of the warehouse.

Hanging lamps, by And Tradition, models Mass Light; Utzon Y Flowerpot

Connected to the living room

The kitchen equipment is completed with a central island with a long worktop that, in addition to offering extra preparation and storage, works as a dining table.

A lot of storage

Santos column cabinets include drawers made of the same material and color as the furniture body, which favors the visual unity of the interior.

Functional distribution

The kitchen furniture is distributed in L, covering the longest wall with a linear furniture that integrates the areas of scrubbing, preparation, storage and appliances.

A warehouse and preparation front

Behind the island, a whole front of high and low cabinets and columns in which several functions come together in a compact way. On the left two columns pantry. On the right, two columns that integrate a combi fridge and two ovens, all from Smeg.

Between the columns, high and low modules and a countertop. Sockets and halogen lighting are installed. This area is very practical for preparing breakfast.

In several areas

The space is divided into several zones. The table and island, with storage module behind; in the background the L with the hob and the sink, facing the stairs and to the right the living room.

Kitchen island and dining table

The kitchen island is a 1.20 m wide multifunctional core, equipped with a 2.45 m machine and several storage solutions. Chairs Form, from Norman Copenhagen.

All together

Another view from which the connection with the living room is appreciated, in which a work area behind the sofa has also been created.

Very complete

The distribution of the kitchen is complete. Each area has enough space and facilitates work.

Elongated plan

The space is elongated but the absence of partition walls visually expands the result.

View from the island to the lounge

View from the island to the lounge.

Wood details

The predominance of white is balanced with notes in wood, present in the front of the food preparation area, in the auxiliary furniture and in the elements that separate the living room from the stairs that lead to the upper floor.

Cooking and washing zone

They are more independent and hidden from view from the living room and are located in L on the left floor of the floor.

In the washing area the dishwasher is fully integrated.

Countertops in light tones, from TPB, have been installed in the scrubbing, cooking and dining areas.

Pando decorative bell. Induction plate, from Neff.

Niche practice on the sink

On the wall, over the sink, a practical niche.

Faucet Max-Three, of three.

The laundry room

A small room with great equipment. It has become a laundry area, with white furniture, design Ariane, Of saints. It is nuanced with wood finishes.

Washing, drying and ironing

The furniture is distributed here in L in two areas: one for scrubbing and washing and one for ironing.

Next to the sink, a washing and drying column that integrates, in just 70 cm, a washing machine and a dryer and leaves space to organize detergents.

Another column is for ironing, designed to store the ironing board and the iron. It has shelves and drawers for clothes or utensils.