A cheerful and colorful apartment of 65 m²

A cheerful and colorful apartment of 65 m²

An interior design that could be functional is magical here. The Maspotogenic study, headed by the decorator Pili Molina, took care of customize this apartment of just over 65 m², located on the Costa del Sol. Your situation near the beach and the influence of the light of this area inspired the interior designer to use a Cheerful and lively color gamut. “I like to create unexpected color palettes - says Pili Molina - and dose them so that they live in harmony.” The author also devised an environment that responds to a cool style sweet vintage: Retro pieces coexist with others of Nordic and current design, feminine notes and color strokes.

The interior designer Pili Molina has granted a touch of madness to this floor with pieces full of emotion. The original mix captivates since the hall, distribution axis of all rooms: living room, with access to the terrace, kitchen with office, bathroom and two bedrooms, one of them with access to another terrace. When making the project a reality, and given the dimensions of the floor, it was essential to choose few elements, lightweight design (openwork, open modules, light fronts, mirrors that visually expand ...) and small dimensions, which enhance a fluid and dynamic distribution. Along with the furniture, the selection of accessories, many of them rescued, from small shops and street markets stands out.

The oak flooring The entire house is transformed into white and gray stoneware in the bathroom and kitchen. The walls alternate neutral or color paint and striking wallpapers, both in the living room and in the master bedroom. From here, the ban on color and passion for vintage plus trendy. It is impossible to resist the symphony of light, materials and colors of this floor. How much vitality!

Advertising - Keep reading below Bright and colorful living room

Once upon a time there was a room decorated with furniture and accessories with its own personality. Together they tell a story, that of a being that takes advantage of natural light to enhance the vivid strokes of color. Without being small, in this room there are plenty of meters, so in the choice of furniture, both its size and its design have played an important role. Despite the simplicity of lines, the color and the mixture of finishes and textures enriches. Sofa, side table-magazine rack and low shelf, by Maisons du Monde. Floor and table lamps, purchased at a street market and with Ikea screens. Multicolored plaid blanket, from Lexington. Curtains, designed by Pili Molina and made by La Mandrake with Designers Guild fabric. On the terrace: furniture, by Maisons du Monde. The planters and plants are from Guzmán Nurseries.

Decorative accessories

They add value to an interior design of counted pieces. On metal suitcases, a composition of
framed vinyl. Marcos, from Ikea. Suitcases and photocage, from Maisons du Monde.

Leading upholsteries

This gathering and relaxation area comes alive thanks to the colors. The blue queen: the upholstery of the sofa, of Nordic line, stands out on the wall, dyed the same color although in a softer tone, which brings luminosity. In the decoration of the wall, dotted with various objects - mirrors, sheets and cube shelves - there is an articulated arm lamp. Carpet by Ikea. Cushions, designed by Pili Molina and made by La Mandrake with Designers Guild and Lacroix fabrics. Wall lamp, by Thai Natura, in La Mandragora. Fiber armchair, purchased at Mimub. Cube shelves, from Maisons du Monde. Table lamp with mustard shade, Ixia, for sale in La Mandragora.

A vintage retro decoration

The colorful style with retro winks that decorates this floor flees from conventions. Dare and fun are the guidelines that guide the project, always in small pieces and lightweight design.

Living room

With a current architecture, this newly built apartment is distributed in very bright square or rectangular rooms, which facilitate the arrangement of furniture, but without notable structural elements. This project emphasizes interior design to counteract the simplicity of spaces. With a neutral base of quality coatings, perfect to carry out this risky bet, the result is balanced and vibrant. Blue wooden ethnic coffee table, by Maisons du Monde. Round metal and sheet table, purchased at Mimub. Frida Kahlo's square comes from a street market. On the wall, mirrors, of the firm Ixia, for sale in La Mandragora.

A cheerful and vital dining room

Variopintas, special and colorful. The pieces that decorate and set the dining room have nothing to do with each other and, nevertheless, fit in this corner, where a full-color past is recreated with garden chairs, other interior designs and even a sofa in capitoné. On the wall, a particular vertical garden: the flowers invade the tableware that is displayed on wooden shelves. The lighting comes from a unique lamp with three bulbs and wires in red. Table, chairs (gray and blue) and flower plates, by Maisons du Monde. Sofa, designed by Pili Molina, made with Designers Guild fabric and red patent leather by La Mandragora. Cane chairs, flower tablecloth, glass candy boxes and wooden shelves, from Ikea. Round wall mirror, of the firm Ixia, and hedgehog sculpture, by Thai Natura, both in La Mandragora.

The way out

On the wall that communicates the hall with the dining room, a metallic arrow indicates the direction of exit. The use of posters is full trend. Signal Exit, from Maisons du Monde. Paper Barcino, from the firm Güell Lamadrid, redcurrant color, acquired in the Mandrake Decoration shop.

A female hall

A wall with a lot of foundation, wallpaper with a geometric design, gives continuity to hall and dining room. Masfotogénica, the study in charge of interior design, took advantage of this step area with a custom-made piece of furniture, which serves as a console and work table, thanks to the worktop flown on one side. The furniture, in bubblegum pink, is a Pili Molina design made by Raices with Art. It includes a storage area and its envelope is topped with a mirror socket, which extends into the wall. Painted paper Ginger, from the firm Güell Lamadrid, acquired in La Mandragora. Coat rack Clifford and red signal Exit; both of Maisons du Monde. Baskets and flexo, by Ikea. Stool, for sale in Mimub.

A flirtatious hall

The hall welcomes, but its meters are also profitable with a console that is used as an improvised work table. In the background: wooden bench and mirrors, from Ikea. Yellow cushion, from Lexington.

Simplicity in the kitchen

The total white of the kitchen moved away from the concept raised in the rest of the house. The interior designer transformed such a neutrality into a plus since the finishes allowed to add colors. In the background, a window through which you access the clothesline and laundry area. Furniture, from Xey. Ikea kitchen table. Chairs, by Maisons du Monde. On the countertop: copper fountains, acquired in Mimub.

An elongated kitchen

Although the kitchen floor is narrow, a mini office has been created with a console table attached to the wall, facing the work area. The retro wink is set by the chairs. Cloth, from Zara Home. Frying pan by Masol. Wall clock, in Mimub.

An office mini

Where they eat two, they do three ... In this kitchen has won a mini corner for breakfast and fast food with a narrow console, suitable for up to three people. A luxury in the minimum space!

The children's bedroom

The decoration of the children's bedroom also boasts a mix of pieces that adapt to different styles; although above it highlights the functionality of all of them, with several uses and the possibility of adapting to different distributions, as the child's needs change.
World map and bed, from Ikea. Bedding, blanket and cushion, from Lexington. On the headboard wall, lamp, acquired in Mimub. As a bedside table, an auxiliary cart, from Ikea. Carpet, by Maisons du Monde.

Children's furniture

Practical, functional and with several corners.
This is the children's room: table, stools and bench, by Maisons du Monde. Pili Molina designed the back cushions. The Mandrake made them. Flexo foot and curtains, from Ikea.

Practical furniture

Shelving and coat rack, from Ikea. Metallic star, from Lexington. Metal cabinet, by Maisons du Monde.

A lovely bedroom

How daring! The calm greenish blue of the bedding shades the intensity of the blueness of the walls, a very cool combination for a house that looks towards the blue of the sea. A risky color mix, which has been successfully resolved thanks to the white notes, touches of luminosity in a clean and light decoration. White lacquered bamboo headboard, acquired at the market of the Challenge to Hope Association. Bedding, Lexington signature. Rectangular cushions, made with Designers Guild fabric by La Mandragora. Vinyl paper, by Moonsoon, in La Mandragora, where the floor-to-ceiling lamp, from Thai Natura, also comes from. Carpets, for sale in Ikea.

Corner with elf

A secretary desk jealously stores memories, cosmetics and accessories as an impromptu dressing table. Ikea desk and curtains. Leopard rug, from Zara Home. On the desk, golden mirror, recovered in a rake.

Dressing area

In the master bedroom, next to the bed, a large multi-body closet occupies the entire front, with doors in the same finish as the floor. Between the bed and the closet, an essential accessory to check the image before
of facing the day: a standing mirror. Mirror, from the firm Ixia, in La Mandragora. Side table Jakkara, for sale in Maisons du Monde.

A shelf in the bathroom

Next to the blown basin, a high open bookcase in dark color has been placed, which contrasts with the textiles and bathroom accessories, mostly in gray and blue tones.
A detail: The towel rail has been installed on one side of the shelf. Shelving and boxes, from Ikea. Towels and candles, from Lexington.

Black and white bathroom

A bathroom in slate gray and white. The house has only a complete bathroom of current distribution: bathtub, bidet, toilet and sink, located in the form of U. Bar and shower curtain, Ikea. Picture, acquired in a rake.

Project plan and ideas

The distribution of the apartment allowed to separate the house into two areas: private area, which includes the two bedrooms and the bathroom, and common space, with the living area, the terrace and the kitchen.

- The warm white light of the Costa del Sol it sneaks through the windows in each of the rooms of this house. Its presence influences the decoration and allows the project to be driven by the boldness of the intense colors. It is one of the details that define his character.
- Passion for a personal style! The disparity of models, styles and colors of each of the pieces that decorate this floor makes it gain freshness. Complements and auxiliaries enrich the few furniture with simple lines and small size.