Did you know that you should close the bedroom door when you go to sleep?

Did you know that you should close the bedroom door when you go to sleep?

We could get out of the sleeve that the world is divided into two: those who always close the door to sleep and those who need to leave it open -to keep the temperature or not, to avoid noise, because we need total darkness, because there are plants in the bedroom ... -, and the reasons in which we hide are as varied as we are different.

But the truth is that beyond preferences and tastes there are powerful reasons why sometimes we should change habits. Without further ado we tell you: you should always close the bedroom door when you go to sleep.

This simple practice could save your life in case of fire.

It is clear that today we live in a safer world, but as far as fires are concerned, it is now much more dangerous. 30 years ago, the time we had to escape a fire at home was 17 minutes, now it is 3 min. Modern houses burn faster, due to the large spaces and furniture materials.

You must cerr the door of bedroom prior to sleep? Do it always.

If there is fire, a room with the door open reaches 538º C, while if you keep it closed it would not exceed 38º and would limit the flow of oxygen, which is one of the fuels that the fire needs to continue burning. On the other hand, you will prevent toxic smoke from entering the bedroom and in your lungs, gaining time to flee.

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