This apartment shows that living in 50 meters is possible

This apartment shows that living in 50 meters is possible

Miriam Yeleq

A flat to rent, but that their future tenants perceived with soul and personality. That is the premise that the GH&AA study followed, with the architect Iñigo González-Haba at the head, when he faced both the work and the interior design of this house located in a central neighborhood of Madrid.

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The white of the walls, in addition to luminosity, provides a perfect neutral background so that furniture, textiles and accessories stand out in an intense green water, the color that stars the decoration of the living room.

Cushions of ethnic air, plaid and pot holders in golden finish with white pots, from Zara Home. Artificial plants, of Los Peñotes.


Íñigo González-Haba and his team faced the reform and decoration of the house without knowing what their future tenants would be like. Paula has been living there for a few months, whom we see along these lines. And she tells us that she is delighted: “I feel so comfortable in this house that it is as if the architects had designed the project thinking about me”.


One of the strengths of the house is the luminosity. “It is a house that overlooks a large apple courtyard, which allows a lot of natural light to enter throughout the day,” they explain from the GH&AA study. In addition, in the distribution of the room it was avoided to place tall furniture in front of the windows to leave them clear.


The living room, located in the brightest part, was extended by incorporating another room. Now it has two large windows and different environments: living and dining room. The focal point is the chimney, which had the damned shot, but during the work they decided to recover its use again with a bioethanol model, which heats, but does not need any smoke outlet.

Carpet of the dining room, Zara Home, where are also the green vases and the skull on the shelf. Monkeys, from Los Peñotes.


The kitchen became independent from the living room through a gray and glass lacquered steel enclosure. "The idea was to gain light and a sense of spatiality in the kitchen, but without integrating it completely into the living room," they explain from the GH&AA study. “And we get it with carpentry. In addition, as one of the sheets is sliding, it allows joining or separating the rooms as desired ”.


The kitchen was completely renovated with white melamine furniture in high gloss finish, integrated appliances and a compact quartz countertop. The work front was covered with large-format smoked mirrors, almost without joints.


Salad bowl and glass jar, from Ikea. Cups, House, and cloth with motifs printed in green, Very Much.


From the living room, through an elongated corridor, you reach the rooms and bathrooms. The renovation works were also used to renovate the facilities. As for the coatings, we opted for a uniformity of materials and finishes that creates a sense of continuity.

The floor was chosen from laminated flooring and the walls were painted white.


In the master bedroom, you can see a detail that is trending: branches with green leaves decorate the headboard. This is a clean and straight line design, made of lacquered DM and that integrates the bedside tables. "It is a solution that we use often for its versatility, since it adapts to any space, and that provides uniqueness to the deco."

Yellow Plaid, from Zara Home. Mats, Very Very Much. Photos, by Carlos Donaire.


Indoor plants, branches, leaves ... Encourage any corner of your house with them. In Los Peñotes you will find artificial branches that mimic ivy, eucalyptus and other varieties. Cushions and bedspread, Zara Home.


In the small bathroom, the sink area was resolved with a compact, L-shaped quartz countertop, which extends into the wall to protect the wallpaper from water splashes. A round sink was placed on top. "There is very little space to pass to the shower, and this solution offers enough support surface without impeding circulation."

Roca washbasin. Pots, from Becara. Towels, Very Very Much.


To highlight the front of the fireplace, frame this with a panel that has a striking design. They can be mirrors, as in this case, but also a painting that contrasts with the mouth or a paper that attracts attention for their reasons.


If you want to use the passport as a breakfast bar, but you don't have much space in the kitchen, close it with a folding opening window. Thus, even if it remains open, the countertop will be clear and the leaves will not disturb when you are sitting.


We see it in furniture, accessories, textiles ... green is a trend. But with what tones does it combine? If you are looking for a natural decoration, with a point of sophistication, do not hesitate: wood and gold. Beetle, Very Very.


Do you want to give a unique and personal touch to an environment? Old pieces, details of other cultures or DIY accessories that go out of the ordinary, will create a wall impossible to find in another house.


Their owners wanted a house with a functional distribution, easy to rent. And the starting point was not simple. “This one had three bedrooms, a sparse living room, a hall that was too big, a huge bathroom and a kitchen. So it was necessary a Integral reform, but not only to reorganize its 50 m2, but also to mitigate damage. We decided to eliminate a bedroom to expand the living room and we managed to make the square meters profitable to take out two full bathrooms ”, they assure from the study that was in charge of the works. Also, now a glazed enclosure it brings natural light to the kitchen and, at the same time, it gives game, because it allows to communicate and divide this space with the living room according to the needs. We also had to improve the electrical installation and update the coatings so that the house would be cozy. "After all, housing is the space in which one has to feel comfortable and, definitely, this was not a good example to follow."

In the finishes, we opted for a neutral background that will be pleasant to any type of tenant: warm wooden floor, impolute walls and gray lacquered profiles both in the kitchen enclosure and in the wall with dining room mirrors. Although with an exception. “Normally we touch soft and slightly invasive colors, but we believe that small spaces, to have a presence, need a contribution of originality. Therefore, for one of the bathrooms we chose a colorful wallpaper ”. The furniture is new, except the tables in the living area, which are antique. Other pieces were designed specifically to fit the available space, such as the headboard of the bedroom, the living room furniture or the dining room table.The result is a dynamic house, with style and personality. How could I not like it?

SEPARATE THE KITCHEN WITHOUT TABIQUESA sliding door is a solution to integrate spaces or provide privacy when the occasion requires it. Value if you prefer that it be embedded in the partition wall - and thus take advantage of the wall with furniture - or that it is visible, installed on rails or guides on the top or on the floor.Any enclosed enclosure with sash windows or folding opening , will allow you to give independence to the kitchen and, at the same time, communicate it with the living room. In addition, just by opening the windows, you will gain a bar area for breakfast and fast food. Another possibility to define a kitchen open to the living room, without a wall, is to install an island or peninsula that serves as a breakfast bar. To do this, simply add a flown countertop, which allows you to comfortably fit the legs underneath, and complete it with a pair of stools.